Frequently Asked Questions

As with any new site, there are going to be lots of questions.  If you don’t find what you are looking for here, email us a


  • What kinds of postings should appear on the FIMS Career Central site?

Our current students and alumni are highly-skilled and are looking for both entry-level and advanced-level roles depending on their experience.

For Master of Health Information Science (MHIS) roles, the minimum requirement should be an undergraduate degree. Sample job titles: Clinical Informatics Analyst, Data Analyst or Scientist, Health Services Researcher, Health System Planner and Information Manager.

For Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), the role should require an MLIS degree or equivalent. Sample job titles: Public/Academic/Special Librarian, Archives Officer, Information Manager, Prospect Researcher and Data Analyst.

For Master of Media in Journalism and Communication (MMJC) postings, the minimum requirement should be an undergraduate degree in Journalism, Communications, or equivalent. Sample job titles: Communications Coordinator/Officer, Journalist, Social Media Specialist, Web Writer, Associate Editor, Digital Marketer, and Marketing and Communications Assistant.

For MA Media Studies (MA MS) postings, the minimum requirement should be an undergraduate degree. Sample job titles: Media Analyst, Researcher, Media Policy Writer, and Project Leader/Manager.

For PhD in Media Studies, Health Information Science, or Library Science, the role should require a PhD. Sample job titles: Instructor/Lecturer, Researcher/Research Fellow, Data Analyst/Scientist, Policy Writer, Project Leader/Manager, and Assistant Professor.

Not sure which FIMS degree to choose? Choose Any FIMS Degree to showcase your posting to all FIMS graduate degree types.

  • Is there a charge for posting a position?

No charge for postings. All postings must be approved by FIMS. Once you submit your posting, it may take up to 48 hour to be approved to go on the site.

  • How do I post a position?

To post a position, first click on the “Post An Opportunity” tab. Here you will find a form asking you for a username and password. This step can be bypassed in future if you already have a log in and password set up. Complete the form and submit. Your listing will be visible once approved.

  • How do I post an MLIS or Co-op Position/MMJC Internship position?

To post either an MLIS co-op or MMJC Internship position, please contact the internship office at